TEAN Fall 2015 Featured Bloggers


James Jolly
Newcastle, Australia
James is a junior Public Relations and Advertising major at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Having been raised in Colorado, he has not seen the ocean much, and is eager to spend his semester in Newcastle covered in sand and sea salt. With a passion for exploring and a poor sense of direction, he is a firm believer of focusing on the journey, not the destination. James is most looking forward to exploring the hidden corners of the new world he has found himself in. Follow along as James navigates life and unexpected adventures in the land down under. View James’s blog posts.


Katharina Gruenewald
Shanghai, China
Katharina is a junior at Iowa State University with majors in History and Journalism and Mass Communication. She also plans on achieving a minor in Chinese Studies. Katharina’s hometown is a small town called Haltern in the Middle West of Germany. She loves fantasy and dystopian books, and is a huge Game of Thrones fan. She has always had a passion for languages. She is very excited to experience another foreign culture up close and to make more international friends in Shanghai. Katharina can’t wait to explore the city and learn more about its history, since she is also a history lover. View Katharina’s blog posts.


Kate Farrell
Wellington, New Zealand
Kate is a junior from the University of Hartford in Connecticut studying prosthetics and orthotics. She packed up and flew across the world to Victoria University of Wellington, looking to expand her international views and gain independence. New Zealand had always been a place of her dreams, so she is making it a reality. Kate is excited to embrace her passion for the outdoors this semester. She looks forward to the countless adventures she will experience, as well as embarking on travels to surrounding areas. Not only is she excited for all of the nature that New Zealand has to offer, but she also looks forward to learning Maori culture, the focus of her studies at Victoria. View Kate’s blog posts.