With jam-packed streets, sizzling eats, elegant architecture and budding businesses, high-energy Hanoi is a feast for the senses. The Vietnamese capital manages to strike an impressive balance between the country’s tumultuous past and promising future, honoring what once was with Confucian temples and French colonial architecture mixed with a palpable thirst for modernization and increased global commerce. Though big, busy and loud, Hanoi still exudes a quiet charm and one can easily feel at home in its various neighborhoods, spending your days slurping up pho from street-side stalls, stretching your legs with a lap around Hoan Kiem Lake, working at your local internship and becoming a part of the community, or exploring further afield thanks to the country’s connected transport system.

Quick Facts


Northern region of Vietnam

City Population

7.7 Million

Metropolitan Area Population

16 Million

Country Population

90 Million

Known As

Kẻ Chợ (marketplace)


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