Study Abroad Thailand

TEAN’s study abroad Thailand programs blend immersive, hands-on courses with unique settings and cultural exchange. Here you’ll feel out of your comfort zone and right at home all at once while taking courses in international relations and business in Southeast Asia, Buddhism and other regional religions, tourism and more. Choose from study abroad Thailand programs designed to meet different majors, budgets and schedules, including comprehensive semester, summer and winter (J-term) program options. Traveling study abroad Thailand programs are also available, allowing you to discover different destinations within one course, as well as full-time internships to gain professional experience while earning university credit.

Where You Can Study

When completing a study abroad Thailand program in the capital of Bangkok, you’ll experience big city living in one of Asia’s largest metropolises. Alternatively, in the northern hub of Chiang Mai, you’ll get the chance to dive deep into the local community, exploring the region’s diverse cultural influence all while soaking up the scenery and getting your fill of phad thai. Can’t decide where to study abroad in Thailand? TEAN’s traveling Summer in Thailand programs will take you to several locations across the kingdom to further experience the coursework come to life in different settings.

Why Study Abroad in Thailand

Studying abroad in Thailand offers an excellent introduction to the splendors of Southeast Asia. With its steaming plates of fresh street food, magical misty mountains, shockingly beautiful beaches, mysterious saffron-robed monks and tantalizing temples, Thailand will take over your senses and win your heart. The country’s rich culture, traditions and beliefs are still alive while its people also pride themselves on being ultra-modern – you’ll find cheap flights and free WiFi throughout the country.

Thailand Programs

Study Abroad
Bangkok, Thailand
Semester, Winter / J-Term
Tea plantations surrounded by lush green mountains in northern Thailand
Study Abroad
Bangkok, Thailand
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