Become fully immersed in South Korea’s esports scene through joint programming with Gen.G, one of the world’s leading esports organizations. Get an inside look at the mecca of esports, experiencing firsthand the exciting culture of the industry alongside professional players and coaches.



Concurrent Program

Excursion Length

2 Weeks


Seoul, South Korea


July 1 - July 17

Application Deadline

May 20




The first and only college esports study abroad program open to all students

In partnership with Gen.G, a leading esports organization with some of the top teams in all major esports competitions

Tour the practice facility of the one of the top professional teams in League of Legends, Overwatch, and PUBG.

Experience the difference between casual gaming and proper esports by learning from and gaming with former pro gamers and coaches

Take part in an esports industry project and learn what it takes to run an esports event in Korea


  • Greetings and Introductions – Gen.G KR Staff
    • View a short one-minute video with GGA staff, coaches, students
    • Gen.G HQ staff, pro coaches, and pro players will welcome students to South Korea
  • Korean Esports Pro Scene Overview
    • GGA coaches will give a quick tutorial of an esports game and a theory lesson that overviews what’s most important to understand about the game
    • You will be introduced to GGA students who volunteer for this program
    • Break out into groups to do Q&As, exchange game IDs, and exchange Discord IDs
  • Esports Industry Overview – GGA Staff
    • A GGA staff member will give a presentation on the esports ecosystem in Korea, covering the primary & secondary stakeholders and how they interact within the ecosystem
  • Esports Project Assignment – GGA Staff & Students
    • You will receive a project to run an esports event, which will be recorded, edited, and published on Gen.G/ISA socials once complete
    • You will be assigned to a “stakeholder” group along with a few GGA student volunteers to complete the project, and the teams will meet up separately via Zoom during the quarantine and then together as the esports project date nears
  • Gen.G HQ & GGA Building Tour & Project Sync Up – GGA Staff & Students
    • Take a tour of the Gen.G HQ and GGA Building
    • Meet with GGA student volunteer counterparts and sync up on the project preparations
    • GGA coaches will make a short appearance and help with any project preparations
  • Esports Project Final Preparations – GGA Students
    • The GGA Building will be opened up to students the day before the esports project presentation (SCRIM event) to get everything ready for the showcase
    • Program participants and GGA student volunteers will have dinner together at the GGA Building
  • Esports Project Presentation (SCRIM Event) – Gen.G Staff
    • The students will handle all aspects of the final project
    • A few staff members of Gen.G and/or GGA should be present to make final evaluations and give helpful feedback
    • Highlight of final product will be published on Gen.G & ISA socials


Students will stay in their Seoul Summer housing, included with their TEAN summer program.


What’s Included

  • Game Lesson from the Gen.G players and coaches
  • Overwatch SCRIM project
  • Pair up with the players in Korea
  • Comprehensive overseas health insurance
  • Services of local Resident Directors
  • TEAN Arrival Orientation Program
  • A Cultural Excursion in Seoul
  • Travel arrangements and advice
  • Airport pickup and reception
  • Pre-departure planning sessions and assistance from U.S.-based TEAN staff (including pre-departure guide for students and immigration/visa assistance)
  • Host university orientation
  • A truly one-of-a-kind adventure!

What’s not Included

  • International airfare ($1,500)
  • Personal expenses ($750-1,000)
  • Meals ($700-1,000)
  • Airport transfer at end of program ($10 for public transportation or $60-80 for taxi)
  • Travel insurance ($350)

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