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Japan has a distinct way of blending tradition and modernity that’s both incredibly dynamic, charmingly timeless, and makes for exceptional study abroad Japan programs and professional internships.

Immerse yourself in Japan’s sprawling capital city, Tokyo, while studying in the field of your choice for a semester. Alternatively, find the perfect summer internship in Kyoto that fits your interests and industry. Full-time internships (minimum 32 hours per week) in pre-established positions for 8 weeks are available in a wide variety of positions and industries, allowing you to gain real-world work experience while also earning university credit.

Where You Can Study

Home to 37 million people, Tokyo is the country’s thriving core of culture, art, history, cuisine, economics. Additionally, the former Imperial capital of Kyoto is now also a leading technology, electronics and business center that’s home to many of the country’s hi-tech companies. Each location is a vibrant academic hub, offering study abroad Japan students a desirable mix of university life, professional opportunities, and unbridled discovery.

Why Study Abroad in Japan

Japan offers a little something for everyone. Spend one night in a futuristic sleeping pod in the center of buzzing Tokyo then drift to sleep to the sound of natural hot springs from your ryokan (a traditional country inn) the next, learn the intricacies of a tea ceremony or find the latest fashion trends. In addition to culture, the compelling country is a hub for countless leading enterprises and is an active global business center making it a particularly exciting place to intern abroad. You also won’t have to go far to find a delicious, perfectly prepared meal. While the sushi is to die for, the country has so much more to offer with highly regional and seasonal cuisine wherever you study abroad in Japan.

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