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Immerse yourself in hands-on learning and tropical island living with TEAN’s study abroad Fiji programs.

Designed particularly for science-focused students, studying abroad in Fiji opens up a whole new world of opportunity. TEAN’s study abroad Fiji semester program offers students a unique opportunity to study environmental science, marine studies, biology, tourism, geography and more complete with experiential courses and extensive field trips.

Where You Can Study

All of TEAN’s study abroad Fiji programs are held at the premier institution for higher education in the South Pacific, the University of South Pacific (USP). USP serves as the primary university for the South Pacific’s 12 island nations and its main Laucala campus is just a short walk from the center of Suva, Fiji’s vibrant capital. Though Fiji’s largest city, Suva still maintains a relaxed island vibe and is located right on the coast so students can easily access both urban comforts and beachside bliss while studying abroad in Fiji.

Why Study Abroad in Fiji

With over 300 islands, Fiji offers more than its famous tropical splendor that first meets the eye. While its paradisiacal setting in the South Pacific may be what draws in visitors, its rich history and blend of Melanesian, Polynesian and Indian people create a unique melting pot of culture, cuisine and community traditions. Here, time seems to move more slowly, which is just as well, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to soak up all the island nation has to offer when you study abroad in Fiji!

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