Get ready for a weekend designed for you to experience the best of Beijing exploring China’s ancient and modern culture, eating plenty of delicious cuisine and even experiencing one of the world’s greatest wonders – the Great Wall of China. After a high speed train ride up to China’s capital city, visit the historic Forbidden City and stop at the iconic Tiananmen Square. Beijing’s meandering alleyways, known as hutongs, also offer a glimpse into the past while the city’s tasty treats, like authentic Peking duck, show the range of China’s mouthwatering meals. The highlight of the weekend is an overnight stay at the Great Wall of China complete with a sunrise hike along the wall away from other tourists.



Semester Excursion


3 Days


One night hotel, one night hostel (near the Great Wall)


Beijing, China


Varies, will be announced at beginning of semester


Included for Semester in Shanghai students


Step back in time wandering through the historic local hutongs and learn more about this architectural style that dates back to 1206

Indulge in some crispy, sweet and salty Peking duck - a local delicacy that, though known around the world, tastes best in Beijing

Take in some impressive sculptures and unique graffiti in the 789 Art Zone

Set off on an early morning hike to the Great Wall of China watching the sunrise as you climb this man-made world wonder

Marvel at the immense size and beauty of the Forbidden Palace and Tiananmen Square


Sample Itinerary

Note: Itinerary is subject to change dependent on when you study abroad.

Day One

Ride China’s high speed rail system with a morning train straight from Shanghai to Beijing. Upon arrival in Beijing you will start exploring the city with an afternoon tour of the Summer Palace, a collection of lakes, gardens, and palaces from the Qing dynasty. Make sure you have your camera ready!

End your first day in Beijing with an authentic Peking duck dinner. Known for its sweet and crispy texture, this satisfying dish dates back to the Yuan Dynasty. Learn about the process of how a Peking duck is prepared and what side dishes accompany this traditional meal to even better appreciate the experience.

Day Two

We’ll start the day with an excursion to the Forbidden City. Famous for being the imperial palace of the Ming Dynasty, this 980-building complex is the perfect place to dive deep into the royal history of China the country’s 4,000-year-old civilization. Enjoy a delicious lunch while taking in the beautiful architecture. After the tour, it’s time to move from ancient history to the modern-day with a stop at the Beijing 798 Art Zone, the city’s avant-garde art district. Learn about the Tsinghua professor who managed to save the district from closing while touring the permanent and visiting exhibits around the area.

Afterward, pack up your things and get ready for a bus ride up to a hostel by the Great Wall. We’ll settle in with a home-cooked dinner before retiring to bed early to make sure everyone gets plenty of sleep before the incredible hike in the morning

Day Three

Today we’ll be rising early and trekking the Great Wall of China – trust us, it’s worth the wake-up call! Hike up to the top of the wall while it’s still dark out and witness the sun rising over the Great Wall for a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

After the morning hike, relax on the bus back to Beijing for lunch and a tour of the hutongs downtown. This historical architectural style is common in ancient residential areas and is protected by the Chinese government. Once the tour is over, it’s time to head back to Shanghai.

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