How to find the perfect study abroad program

When it comes to study abroad programs, there are a ton of program options out there. Wondering how to choose the best program to fit your interests, schedule and budget? Read on to learn about the important factors that go into choosing a program and also how TEAN will help advise you throughout the entire process.

Types of Study Abroad Programs

TEAN offers a variety of programs starting from 3-week summer programs to a full semester abroad. Some students even choose to study abroad for the full academic year. We also have full-time internships over the summer and semester-long internship programs in several locations where you can combine classes with a part-time internship.

We know there are many factors to take into consideration when looking for the study abroad program that’s right for you.

  • Begin by thinking out what classes you need to take abroad – will you be taking classes toward your major or elective credit or both?
  • Does your schedule allow you to study abroad for a full semester or does it make more sense to look for summer or winter term options?
  • Consider how important things like cost are to you. Check what is included or not included in the program – will you need to budget for things like housing, meals and airfare?
  • Do you want to be in a major city or somewhere more off the beaten track?

Starting to consider these factors will help you begin the process of narrowing down your options.

Help Finding a Study Abroad Program

Our team members are experts when it comes to studying abroad in Asia Pacific and are here to advise you through the entire process – including finding the best program for you. When looking for programs that will be a match for your major, use our Program Finder to start the search. It will help you narrow down some options then you can go to each program page to look at specific courses online and see what’s being offered the term you want to go abroad.

From there, you can give our Chicago office a call to speak with someone or contact us here. We have blog posts from previous TEAN students sharing their experiences in different locations and you can always reach out to one of our Global Ambassadors if you want to speak to an alum who previously did a program you’re considering. You can also search for TEAN reviews online to see what else our alumni have to say about our programs.

Starting the Application Process

You will want to meet with your home university’s study abroad office to find out if you are approved to study with a third party program provider like TEAN. We have students from all over the country who attend hundreds of different home institutions on our programs each year. You can also inquire with us to see if we have an existing partnership in place with your university.

Once you have found the perfect study abroad program and know which term you want to go abroad, you can start an application on our website.