Wondering what to do with the hundreds of photos you took during your time studying or interning abroad with TEAN? Are your family and friends tired of seeing yet another slideshow you have compiled of all the cool things you did? Well, now you can share your photos with the rest of the world AND potentially win some cash for them. Enter your photos into the TEAN Photo Contest and you could win up to $200 in prize money. There will be a winner named for each category plus one overall winner and a “Best of Instagram” winner. This contest is open to TEAN program alumni only. Submit your photos by January 31, 2020.

Pervious photo contest winner – Lauren Sheeley, Florida Gulf Coast University

Contest Categories

  • Study and Work – This category is dedicated to photos related to your academic or internship experience. Enter photos of your university campus, academic field trips, internship placement and other learning moments from your time abroad.
  • The City – Architecture, monuments, street art or any places of interest within a city.
  • Getting Back to Nature – Landscapes, outdoor activities and wildlife. The perfect category to make everyone jealous of the amazing places you got to see while you were abroad.
  • Check Me/Us Out – photos with 1-5 people in them.
  • Anything and Everything – Submit other pics that don’t fit into any of the above categories. Got a super artsy pic that you’re proud of? Submit it in this category. Have a really cool shot of your favorite meal abroad? Yup, it can go here, too.
  • Best of Instagram — All photos that have already been tagged with #TEANabroad or have @TEANabroad tagged in the photo are automatically entered for this category. You can tag past photos or upload to enter them now.

A few rules:

  • No photographs incorporating illegal activities and/or alcohol will be considered.
  • Only submit photos that belong to you – this also means no vendor photos from activities.
Previous category winner “Study and Work” – Bailey Goto, University of Utah

How to Enter

Submissions must follow the below instructions in order to be considered:

  • Submit as many photos for as many categories as you’d like! Yay!
  • In your caption, describe what we see in the photo and tell the story behind the photo.
    Hint: Don’t underestimate the importance of this. Only photos with well-thought out captions really stand a chance of winning the top prize.
  • Photos must be a minimum of 2100×1500 pixels or more.
  • Name photograph submissions as follows:
    Your first name_Your last name_number.jpg
    For example, Hugh_Jackman_1.jpg; Hugh_Jackman_2.jpg etc.
  • Email one photo per email to photocontest@teanabroad.org with the subject “Photo contest”.
  • Include the following information in the body of the email:
    – your first and last name
    – your study abroad program (host university or title of program)
    – term abroad (i.e. Fall 2019)
    – your Instagram username (if you have an account)
    – your home university
    – category you’re entering (from the list above)
    – caption for the photo
  • For the “Best of Instagram” category we will be judging all photos that are already using hashtag #TEANabroad or have @TEANabroad tagged in the picture. You can edit captions and add #TEANabroad (or tag us) to photos that you shared previously or upload new photos with the tag to enter them. This is the only category that you can enter this way. All other entries must be emailed as explained above.


Entries will be judged as follows:

  • Composition (33%)
  • Clarity and technical quality (33%)
  • Story behind the photo, as described in your caption (33%)
  • The X factor (1% – we had to get to 100% somehow)

Shortlisted pics will be posted to the TEAN Facebook page, where we’ll ask you to help select the best photos. Final decisions on the winners will be made by an independent panel of judges that are TEAN staff members.


First Place Overall Photo: $150 VISA gift card
Best of Instagram Photo: $150 VISA gift card
Category Winners (x5): $50 VISA gift card

Category winner “Check Me/Us Out” – Samantha Kwieraga, Springfield College

Terms and Conditions

  • This contest is open to any TEAN alumni. So if you’ve submitted photos in other TEAN photo contests, you can still enter this time but they need to be new photos.
  • All photos must have been taken by a TEAN program participant.
  • The copyright of submitted and winning photos will be owned by the participating student.
  • By submitting your photograph(s), you permit The Education Abroad Network to use your photographs, captions and your name in conjunction with any photographs used to promote The Education Abroad Network programs in any and all media.
  • The deadline to enter is January 31, 2020 and late entries will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please email Hannah DeMilta at The Education Abroad Network.


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We can’t wait to see your entries!