While many study abroad programs only offer one housing option, TEAN provides a wide range of housing styles to suit different budget, location and lifestyle preferences for students to make the most of studying abroad in Sydney. Scroll down and choose the living situation that fits you best – from typical on-campus housing to even staying in an apartment right on the beach!

Sydney On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is ideal for students who want to walk to class, be a part of the local university environment, meet students from all over the world and be involved with campus activities.

On-campus housing is available at Macquarie University, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of New South Wales (UNSW) and International College of Management Sydney (ICMS).

Housing varies from older accommodation to modern new dormitories and purpose-built student apartments. Except for ICMS, all on-campus housing offers single rooms. ICMS housing has a mandatory meal plan but all other on-campus housing is self-catered.

ICMS on campus housing in Sydney
“My room was situated on the top floor, on the right most side of the photo, with three windows overlooking a fantastic view of Manly.” Heather Price, University of New Hampshire studied abroad at ICMS

Sydney City Housing (Off-campus)

TEAN’s off-campus city housing includes above-average student apartments located in the bustling, student-friendly neighborhood of Ultimo which is conveniently located within walking district of Darling Harbour, Chinatown and some of Sydney’s main entertainment districts. The Sydney Central Railway Station is only a 10 minute walk away providing students easy access to all Sydney has to offer.

This housing is open to TEAN participants attending the University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, University of Notre Dame Sydney and Macquarie University.

Students can indicate their preference of a single room in a 6-bedroom apartment or a shared room in a 4-bedroom that holds eight people (and four bathrooms!).

TEAN Sydney off campus housing bedroom example
TEAN off campus housing in Sydney at Urbanest, Ultimo

This housing fits the bill if you…

  • Want to walk to class – it is just down the road from Sydney Uni, UTS and Notre Dame, Sydney (Or are attending Macquarie Uni and prefer to live in the city instead of on campus)
  • Love cafes, used bookstores and the vibe of a college “town”
  • Enjoy spending time in more of a “city” environment instead of surrounded by campus
  • Do not want a meal plan and want to cook for yourself
  • Are okay with living with other TEAN students or other international students
  • Want to live independently…but still enjoy perks of being a student

Commute: Requires approximately 10 – 15 minute walk to USYD, 3-5 minute walk to UTS and UNDS and 1 hour by train to Macquarie.

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Sydney Beach Housing

TEAN offers off-campus housing in Coogee Beach, one of Sydney’s most beautiful and iconic beaches. Surrounded by cafes, pubs and anything else you may need within walking distance, Coogee is like a village within the city.  

This option is reserved for students attending University of New South Wales (UNSW)* to stay in apartment buildings utilized by TEAN. The units are across the street from the beach.

TEAN Coogee beach housing location
“Coogee Beach proved to be a wonderful home. We spent lots of time having BBQs, swimming and playing frisbee.” Madison Pitts, University of Arkansas studied abroad at UNSW

This housing will suit you if you…

  •       Plan on spending a lot of time on the beach
  •       Want access to both the beach and UNSW campus (which is a short bus ride/walk away)
  •       Are okay living solely with other TEAN students
  •       Do not want a meal plan and want to cook for yourself

Commute: Living here is approximately a 30-minute walk or 7-minute bus ride to the UNSW campus and a 45- to 55-minute commute to the University of Sydney.

*If not enough UNSW participants opt to live in Coogee, then this option will become available to students attending other Sydney universities.

Best of Both: City and Beach

If you want easy access to both the city and the beach, a very high standard of housing and don’t mind commuting to school by train or bus, then TEAN’s top of line housing for UNSW, Sydney Uni and UTS students may be perfect for you.

Located in Bondi Junction, these apartments are ideally situated with the world-famous Bondi Beach on one side and Sydney Harbour and the city on the other. The bus and train interchange is directly below the apartment building offering convenient access to both the city and beaches. They’re also directly across the street from Australia’s second largest shopping center that offers shopping and amenities for all budgets. Additionally, various grocery stores, pharmacies and basic necessities are all within walking distance.

View from TEAn Housing in Bondi Junction
“I still can’t believe that this was the view from my apartment for four months. I will never get sick of watching the sunset over this incredible city.” Allie Shuman, Columbia College Chicago studied abroad at UNSW

These high quality apartments are shared by TEAN participants attending one of our programs in Sydney. Each bedroom houses two students within a two- or three-bedroom apartment. The units come with cable television, air conditioning, full-sized and fully-equipped kitchens, internal washers and dryers, internet, landline phone service, weekly cleaning service, linens, towels, on-site building management, 24-hour security access and balconies.

TEAN Bondi Junction housing sample living room
TEAN Bondi Junction Housing living room example

This housing is good for students who…

  • Plan on exploring Sydney via public transport frequently as the housing is above a bus/train depot
  • Want access to both the beach (Bondi is a short bus ride away or 30-minute walk) and downtown Sydney (just a short train ride away)
  • Are okay with living solely with other TEAN students
  • Do not want a meal plan and want to cook for yourself

Commute: (These are based on published timetables, but will vary depending on traffic and time of day):

  • University of Sydney: 25 – 35 minutes by public transportation (using train and/or bus)
  • University of New South Wales: Approximately 15 – 25 minutes by public transportation (bus)
  • UTS: Approximately 15 minutes by train and then a short walk

During the application process your TEAN Program Manager will provide further information on all your housing options to help you select the housing that suits you best. Note that not all housing options may be available each semester.

Learn more about TEAN’s study abroad programs in Sydney. For further advice about the TEAN housing options in Sydney contact a TEAN Program Manager with your questions.