Bachelor's Degrees


A bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, humanities, communications, business, and science-related fields in Australia and New Zealand typically takes three years to complete. Since there are no general education requirements, you start immediately in classes geared toward your major. Some universities with a trimester system allow students to complete the degree in just two years.


Professional degree programs prepare students for degrees in specific fields, such as teaching, nursing, medicine, engineering, etc. A bachelor’s degree in professional fields can take between 4-6 years of full-time study.

Some professional fields that are only available as graduate programs in the U.S. are available at the undergraduate level in Australia, such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and chiropractic.

Degree Recognition


While you may or may not be familiar with the university to which you are applying, TEAN’s partner universities are highly recognized institutions known around the world for academic excellence and leading research. Five of the Australian universities are ranked in the top 50 universities in the world based on the QS World University Rankings.

Your degree from an Australian or New Zealand university will be recognized by both employers and universities worldwide. The majority of our university partners are also recognized and have approval from the U.S. Department of Education to participate in the Federal Financial Aid program.

Bachelor’s degree-level programs in Australia and New Zealand are structured slightly differently to the U.S., following the British model of higher education with a three-year bachelor’s degree. This means you graduate one year earlier than your U.S. friends, which can be an advantage. Students enter their major area of study from the start of their degree. There is no general education component and few electives.

However, if you’re considering graduate school in the U.S., we encourage you to research different programs that accept a three-year bachelor’s degree since some graduate schools require students to have completed a four-year program. Contact graduate schools to discuss or external organizations, such as, that can offer advice.

Degree Recognition for Professional Programs

Some professional fields of study, such as education, law, nursing, medicine, dentistry, and psychology, are connected to an accrediting body, and you will need to have your degree assessed to meet U.S qualifications and eligibility to work in that field. These kinds of professions may require you to complete further studies or exams when you return to the U.S. to ensure your degree is comparable to the U.S equivalent and recognized in the state you want to work. We encourage you to research how to transfer a degree of this kind back to the U.S. before applying for programs.

Academic Calendar


For most Australian and New Zealand universities, the academic year runs from February to November. The first semester runs from February to June, and the second semester runs from July to November. Intakes occur in February or July each year. February is the primary intake period and preferred commencement date when planning your studies. Not all programs are available in July.

Contact us to get exact start dates for the specific programs you’re considering.

Tuition & Finances


Tuition costs vary by university and degree program. The average tuition cost/year of a bachelor’s degree in Australia and New Zealand is approximately $18,000-$28,000 USD.


Students should budget a minimum of approximately $15,000 USD per year ($20,000 AUD/NZD) for living expenses.


While tuition fees tend to be lower in Australia and New Zealand compared to out-of-state fees and private colleges in the U.S., you may still require financial assistance to complete your degree program. While TEAN cannot process and distribute financial aid, we can assist and advise you on application procedures and available funding sources.



Most Australian and New Zealand schools are accredited by the U.S. Department of Education to administer the U.S. Direct Loan Program (U.S. Financial Aid/Federal Loan Program) to U.S. citizens. This means if you are enrolled in a full-time bachelor’s degree, you can take out U.S. loans to cover some of the costs. Contact us for more information on which schools participate and how much you can borrow. For bachelor’s degrees, students are typically only eligible for minimal  loan amounts unless you are a dependent. You may also be eligible for a Stafford Loan for your degree program, along with the repayment and deferment schemes it includes.

To apply for U.S. Federal Financial Aid you will need to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) available from the U.S. government beginning in November of the year prior to which it is applicable. Your FAFSA is due on or before March 15. TEAN cannot process the FAFSA, but we understand that it can be confusing at times and can guide you through the process.

TEAN HOST University ScholarshipS

The following universities have committed scholarship funds for students seeking a full degree abroad

University of Western Australia 

The University of Western Australia offers Global Excellence Scholarships to high-achieving students from North America. This significant scholarship is awarded to high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students, and is valued at up to AUD $12,000 per year for the duration of their course. Scholarships are automatically awarded at the time of application or submission of academic documents and are available for most courses on offer at UWA.




In addition to providing your official academic transcripts from high school when applying to a program, you are also typically required to provide SAT or ACT scores.

The minimum GPA requirement is 2.5, however many universities have higher requirements.

Some schools also require specific AP exams and scores for entry.

If you are currently an undergraduate student in the U.S. and hope to transfer to an overseas university to complete your degree, you may not need SAT or ACT scores to gain admission. If you have completed 30 or more credit hours at an undergraduate level, this may be sufficient for entry. If you have not completed 30 credits, you will most likely need to submit your high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores. You should also submit syllabi of all previous university coursework and all college transcripts. Additionally, if you have an associate degree, SAT/ACT scores may not be required for entry into a bachelor’s degree.

How we Help


Going to university in Australia or New Zealand is an incredible experience, but figuring out to set up everything on your own can be a difficult process.

TEAN’s Degree Programs Manager has more than 15 years of experience working with universities in Australia and New Zealand and can provide personalized guidance to help select the university and degree that’s the best fit for you.

If you want advice on programs and universities, contact our Degree Programs Manager.


If you know the program/s you want to apply for, contact the Degree Programs Manager to receive details on the specific application process for your selected program/s.

There is no fee to use our services, and some universities we work with waive your application fee if you apply through TEAN.

We recommend applying 6-12 months in advance of the program start date and no later than four months prior to the program start. University deadlines are usually three months prior to the start date, but we advise you to start the process much earlier.

Most institutions have “rolling admissions,” meaning you can apply at any time. However, some program applications are only open at set times (such as in medical fields), so please ask us for deadlines for your selected program/s.

TEAN’s Degree Programs Manager will provide you with all you need to apply for your chosen program and will submit the application on your behalf.

You will need to send one set of official transcripts to TEAN’s U.S. office. (Even if you are applying for multiple programs, you will only need to submit one set of transcripts to TEAN.) As a representative of the universities, TEAN will certify your transcripts on your behalf and use them for multiple applications.

Applications also require a copy of your passport. However, if you are currently renewing your passport or don’t have one yet, please go ahead and submit your application to TEAN. The overseas university can still evaluate your application and grant you a conditional acceptance until you can send a copy of your passport.

If you have taken college courses and would like to transfer credit, you will be able to indicate this in your application. Transfer credit is determined by the university to which you are applying. TEAN cannot make a determination or evaluation of previous coursework. If the overseas university grants you admission into a full degree program, your acceptance will indicate which courses will and will not transfer.

You should expect a response from the university within 3-12 weeks. Since TEAN’s Degrees Program Manager is based in Australia, in the same time zone as the schools, she will follow up on your behalf with the universities.

In some cases, the university will contact you directly with the outcome of your application. Other times, TEAN will notify you. Either way, you will receive notice as soon as a decision has been made.

When the university or universities send you an offer, you then need to accept your offer officially. In some cases, universities issue a conditional offer. This means that you may need to meet a condition before a non-conditional offer can be made. (For example, successfully completing your bachelor’s degree.)


Once you have accepted a place at an Australian or New Zealand university and paid your deposit, your selected university will send you the documentation needed to apply for a student visa, as well as other pre-departure materials with details on accommodation options. TEAN can provide ongoing assistance and advice regarding housing.


Dec 07

Australia Internship

International work experience is more important than ever and one of the best ways to make the leap into working abroad is by completing an internship in Australia – a longtime leader in the health, sports and technology industries. Offering a range of internship opportunities throughout the country, TEAN works tirelessly to connect students with highly relevant placements in every trade from finance, to environmental conservation, to even sports medicine. While Sydney is a popular destination as an international business hub, other cities throughout the country also provide a variety of internships suited to meet nearly every degree or interest.

Dec 07 An ornate, brick building erect near a grassy quad below a blue sky on University of Western Australia's campus in Perth

University of Western Australia

Seeking near-perfect weather, a city with a small town feel and beaches at your doorstep? Look no further than the University of Western Australia in Perth. As a large and comprehensive university, a wide spectrum of course offerings are available and the architecturally-stunning campus is minutes from the city’s Central Business District. Students can take advantage of the opportunity to reside in the campus’ residential halls where new Australian friends are ready to be met.

Dec 07 A medieval-type corridor surrounds a vibrant green quad

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is not only located in the world’s most liveable city, but is also consistently ranked as one of the top two universities in Australia and within the top 50 in the world. Here students are challenged in the classroom with leading programs and innovative methods while experiencing big city life near Melbourne’s Central Business District. Outside of studying, discover all that Melbourne has to offer – from its vibrant arts scene, to exciting cafe culture and everything in between.

Dec 07 Students use the grassy quad on Monash's campus to hang with friends, study and wait in line for BBQ!

Monash University

Students seeking a unique campus experience and the excitement of Melbourne, one of Australia’s most vibrant cities, will feel right at home at Monash University. As one of the top-ranked universities in the country, not to mention the world, the curriculum is varied and challenging while the opportunities for campus involvement are immense. Students can also take advantage of all that Melbourne – regularly named the world’s most liveable city – has to offer, from its creative community to famous cafe culture.

Dec 07 Four students sit on a patch of grass in front of a building on Deakin's campus

Deakin University

Set among Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Deakin University is the perfect place to combine the benefits of an on-campus experience with access to Melbourne’s renowned art and music scene. The university offers a wide range of courses designed to fit most majors, but is particularly known for its education and sports science programs.

Dec 07 A group of students walk toward a large, ornate building on University of Sydney's campus

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney boasts a beautiful campus with grassy courtyards and dramatic sandstone buildings in the middle of the city’s most artistic neighborhood. Featuring a multitude of courses covering a variety of subjects, the university is also considered one of the top three universities in the country. Students have the added option of completing a professional internship, to further boost their education and resume, and access to guaranteed living arrangements in our high-quality apartments.

Dec 07 Photo of the University of New South Wales campus

University of New South Wales

Within walking distance of stunning Coogee Beach and home to Australia’s oldest study abroad program, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) offers students an impressive array of courses to choose from plus an academic calendar similar to the U.S. Known for its commitment to innovation and research, UNSW is a leading university not only in Australia but around the world for science, technology and more. Along with enjoying the campus’ convenient location close to both the city center and the beach, UNSW students have guaranteed living arrangements in our Sydney off-campus, high quality housing as well as the option to reside in our beachside housing, literally steps away from the shore.

Dec 07

University of Queensland

With its laid-back yet cosmopolitan vibe, sub-tropical Brisbane is home to The University of Queensland (UQ). Ranked in the top 50 universities in the world, UQ offers students comprehensive programs in a wide range of subjects. TEAN students can take advantage of the city’s ideal location and climate. Outdoor activities, such as visits to pristine islands, golden sandy beaches, mountains, and rainforests, are from one hour’s drive away. With an on-site Resident Director, optional excursions to Thailand or the iconic Great Barrier Reef, and a lively and liveable city to call home, studying abroad at UQ gives students the full package.

Dec 07 Two gray buildings on Griffith's Gold Coast campus

Griffith University – Gold Coast

With a welcoming student population and five campuses in southeast Queensland, Griffith University offers TEAN students the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of course offerings while studying at the university’s largest campus on the beautiful Gold Coast.

Dec 07 The front entrance to James Cook University in Townsville, Australia

James Cook University (JCU)

The James Cook University (JCU) Townsville campus is situated amongst the Northern Queensland rainforests and provides the perfect entry point to exploring the stunning Great Barrier Reef. With strong biological and environmental science curricula, the university offers students plenty of hands-on experience while being surrounded by a diverse array of natural flora and fauna on campus.