Environmental problems are global. Countries around the world are facing issues such as climate change, conservation, sustainability, urbanisation, population growth, and the management of natural resources.  Observe different ecological and environmental policies in practice.

Read on for where to study environmental sciences abroad in Australia, New Zealand and even Thailand.

Summer Study Abroad Programs in Environmental Studies and Sciences

Environmental Studies Summer Program in Australia

Travel across the country staying in some of Australia’s top destinations – Byron Bay, Sydney and Cairns – during the three-week Australian Environment, Wildlife and Conservation program. You’ll learn firsthand about the country’s unique ecosystems and current conservation efforts from leading professors and professionals while seeing the places you learn about in real life and earning three credits.

The Blue Mountains, NSW. By by TEAN Alum Carolina Hernandez who studied abroad on the TEAN Environment, Wildlife and Conservation program
Environmental Studies Summer Program in Thailand

Study in the northern Thai town of Chiang Mai taking the 3-credit course, Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia. The 3-week course covers environmental and sustainability practices and issues throughout the region. (Tip: If you want to stay longer, choose another 3-credit course to stay for the complete 7-week program!) Learn more about the Thailand Summer Program.

Semester Study Abroad in Environmental Studies & Sciences in Australia

With its spectacular natural environments, varied wildlife, great biodiversity and leading universities, Australia offers a unique place and opportunity to further your environmental studies.

While the land down under is known for its sweeping landscapes and world famous natural sites, such as the Daintree Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef and Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia is also home to a number of serious environmental issues, particularly related to climate change and introducing non-native plants and animals. Sadly, the country has the highest per capita carbon emissions among major western nations and is 10th in the world. (The U.S. is 14th.)

Working on environmental issues is a top priority however, and four Australian universities are on the latest QS World University Rankings’ list of top 50 schools in the world for Environmental Sciences:

#12 University of Queensland in Brisbane
#14 University of New South Wales in Sydney
#22 University of Melbourne in Melbourne
#21 The Australian National University in Canberra

The following Australian universities rank in the top 50 – 100 in the world for Environmental Sciences: James Cook University in Townsville; Monash University in Melbourne; The University of Sydney; and University of Western Australi in Perth.

One of the major benefits of studying abroad in Australia as an environment major is getting to explore the country while gaining academic credit. The University of Queensland (UQ), for instance, offers a variety of courses for environment majors that incorporate a number of field trips.

One such popular course, Australia’s Marine Environment, includes not one, but two multi-day field trips – a five-day program on the Great Barrier Reef and a three-day program on North Stradbroke Island where you’ll investigate animals and plants by snorkeling and reef walking, to collect data for your final research project.

North Stradbroke Island class field trip
“I took this picture at Point Lookout during a class field trip to North Stradbroke Island. The weather was beautiful during our trip, and I became good friends with many of my classmates.” Angie Coccoma, College of Charleston

UQ’s land-based equivalent, Australia’s Terrestrial Environment, also includes multiple field trips including a five-day program based on Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world – as well as a visit to Australia’s Zoo. (Yes, it’s Steve Irwin’s zoo.)

Other more advanced environment courses at UQ include Marine and Coastal Environment Protection, Carbon and Energy Management,  Environmental Management in Mining and Environmental Toxicology and Monitoring.

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Semester Study Abroad Programs in Environmental Studies or Science in New Zealand

Due to its unique environments and ecosystems, New Zealand is a fascinating place to study environmental sciences abroad. Since New Zealand was isolated from other land masses for millions of years, the country is home to incredibly unique flora and fauna, and is known for its pristine wilderness and range of biodiversity.

More than 20% of New Zealand’s land mass is designated as national parks and reserves –  making it an incredible place for nature lovers – and the country generates 80% of its electricity from renewable sources. That said, New Zealand is also battling environmental concerns. It still has relatively high greenhouse gas emissions mostly due to the agriculture sector, which is the country’s biggest industry, and is experiencing major threats from climate change and issues from agriculture, such as water contamination and soil degradation.

Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, New Zealand
“Thats what studying abroad in New Zealand is, waking up everyday and being captivated by stunning views like this. ” Photo & caption by Marissa Cobuzio, Rollins College on the Hooker Valley track, Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park

Six of TEAN’s partner universities in New Zealand offer environmental classes including:

University of Auckland in Auckland
Massey University in Palmerston North
Victoria University of Wellington in Wellington
University of Canterbury in Christchurch
Lincoln University in Christchurch
University of Otago in Dunedin

Lincoln University’s focus as a land-based university with a mission to help “feed the world, protect the future, and live well” all while having a focus on sustainability makes it a particularly interesting place to study environment-related courses.

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Study Abroad Scholarships for Environmental Science / Studies Majors

You can get money to study!

The University of Auckland offers scholarships exclusively for TEAN students majoring in fields related to environmental sciences/management or sustainability with USD $2,000 scholarships available each semester. To be eligible, students must enroll in at least two classes at the University of Auckland relating to the environment or sustainability. Find out more here.

TEAN also offers a variety of additional scholarships, including a full ride scholarship, to students each year. Find out more about our study abroad scholarships here.

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