There’s nowhere quite like Vietnam. While the fascinating country’s recent history is still marked by the effects of the Vietnam War (or the “American War” as you’ll hear it called in Vietnam) and communist rule, its resilience and hustle continue to propel the diverse nation into the future. If you want to experience a completely different place and culture than what you’re used to while discovering an emerging destination, Vietnam is just the place. 

Don’t believe us quite yet? Here’s why you should study abroad in Vietnam

1. study abroad in vietnam to Experience a Mix of Old & New 

Get ready for sensory overload…in the best way possible. Throughout Vietnam, you’ll find a unique blend of Chinese, French and traditional Vietnamese influences that complement one another to create a compelling contemporary Vietnamese culture. In the urban hubs of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, steel and glass skyscrapers tower over ancient temples and the never-ending mess of traffic (and honking motorbikes!) as workers rush to their offices. Meanwhile, in the hot and humid Mekong Delta, farmers and fishermen glide through the waterways to check their catch and take their goods to floating markets.

2. Live & Study Abroad in Ho Chi Minh City 

Study at the first international university in the country while living in the multicultural Ho Chi Minh City. As the largest city in the country, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) is constantly buzzing with activity. While studying at RMIT University, an Australian institution specializing in STEM subjects, Digital Design, Business, Communications, and Hospitality and Tourism, you’ll learn alongside local students in English who will then help show you around your new city. 

5 Reasosn to study abroad din Vietnam
Study abroad at RMIT University in Vietnam

3. Explore Incredible Nature

Home to the world’s largest cave, the breathtaking Ha Long Bay with its dramatic karst cliffs and 1,600 islands, the terraced rice fields of Sapa and more, Vietnam’s natural scenery is stunning. Many of the country’s most captivating landscapes are marked as UNESCO sites for their singularity and environmental significance and countless other areas are still completely postcard-worthy.  

A stay in Vietnam wouldn’t be complete without exploring its lush northern mountains, with picturesque rice terraces and unique traditional villages, the watery world of the Mekong Delta in the south, pristine beaches along the coast, like those in Nha Trang, and the spectacular Ha Long Bay via an overnight cruise. 

4. Take Advantage of Countless Travel Opportunities

Bordering the South China Sea, the long and narrow country changes greatly from the north to the south, not only in scenery but also culture, tradition and food. It would take you months of traveling in Vietnam to just scratch the surface of what this country has to offer. From vibrant cities to picture-perfect beaches, trekking through rural villages to wandering through charming ancient towns, like Hoi An and Hue, there is so much to discover in Vietnam. With nature, cuisine, art, history, adrenaline-inducing activities and relaxing settings – it really has it all and, as a popular destination, it’s both easy and often surprisingly affordable to get around. The country is also close to several other Southeast Asia hotspots, including Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, for quick getaways or further travels before or after your program.   

5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Vietnam and travel
Study abroad in Vietnam and travel

5. Indulge in All. The. Food. 

We couldn’t finish this list without including the FOOD! The country’s cuisine is incredible and, while many may first lean towards Thai food, authentic Vietnamese dishes are arguably the most unique and delicious in Southeast Asia. Filled with fresh herbs, thrilling flavors and textures, Vietnamese cuisine goes way beyond the ubiquitous bowls of pho (though those too will blow your mind). What makes Vietnam’s culinary scene even cooler is its variety and accessibility. Cheap street eats are available at all times of day while trendy cafes and contemporary restaurants offer a variety of eating experiences and atmospheres that still won’t break the bank. 

Study in Vietnam for the food!
You’ll never get tired of trying different Vietnamese dishes

Ready to learn more about studying abroad in Vietnam? Check out TEAN’s Semester in Vietnam, Summer in Vietnam and Vietnam Internship programs for more details.