One of the major reasons why people don’t study abroad is not because they don’t want to, but because they believe (emphasis on believe) that they can’t afford it. It’s no secret that study abroad trips come with a significant price tag; however, getting over that financial barrier is a lot easier than it appears. Here are 5 ways you can help fund your study abroad experience.

 Financial Aid

Here’s a fun fact that some students don’t know: The financial aid you receive through your school (whether that is loans, grants, or scholarships) can sometimes be applied towards your study abroad! The tuition fee for your study abroad trip is going to be one of the heftiest; therefore, if you’re receiving financial aid that can be applied toward that cost, it’s really helpful. Setup a meeting with your home university to find out your options.


Studying abroad is an exciting experience not just for you, but for your friends and family as well. People want to see that you make it on your trip; therefore, most of your loved ones (and even some anonymous investors) might be more than willing to donate to your cause. Setting up a crowdfunding page makes it easy for you to collect donations, and most importantly makes it easier for people to donate to you. Therefore, set up a crowdfunding page on a site of your choosing (GoFundMe, YouCaring, and Indiegogo are some popular choices), sit back, and watch those donations roll in!

start Saving

This option may seem obvious, but most people overlook how crucial saving is to funding a study abroad trip. If you want to go all out on your trip, you have to start putting money away now. Start saving the moment you know you want to take a trip. Create a budget for yourself based off of your income where you dedicate a portion to your study abroad fund every paycheck. Also, cutting back on anything extraneous such as shopping or eating out will help as well. Every dollar counts!

 Get Creative

Are you an artist? Crafty? Skilled with your hands? If you’re any of the above, you’re looking at another way to fund your trip! Selling a product, especially a handmade product, is a really good way to supplement some of your study abroad funds. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly creative, there are a slew of YouTube tutorials on how to make everything from book covers, to mugs, to jewelry and everything in between. So have fun, get creative, and push those sales!


Scholarships can ease the financial burden of a study abroad trip significantly; however, a lot of students rule out applying for scholarships because they believe they wont receive them. Applying for scholarships through your school’s study abroad office, your study abroad program (check out the TEAN Scholarships available) and through small businesses and organizations increases your chances of receiving a scholarship. You won’t receive any scholarships you don’t apply for, so be persistent and diligent with applying and in time those scholarships will be yours.

Chrissy Brimmage is a TEAN Alum and graduate from Georgia State University. She studied abroad with TEAN in Chiang Mai, Thailand over the summer.