An important part of my experience here in Singapore has revolved around food. The food that is here is truly amazing. There is food from all types of cultures and countries as well as food with Singapore’s own twist. Such foods with twists include, hamburgers, waffles, pizza, pasta, and ice cream.


A common sauce for Hamburgers is Chilli sauce. It isn’t like a spicy chili paste rather a chili jelly. It is very sweet and is almost like candy, but mixes very well with the seasoning on the burger.

Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs - a popular breakfast or snack in Singapore
Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs – a popular breakfast or snack in Singapore

Waffles are something you have for dessert rather than breakfast, no bacon and eggs unfortunately with the waffles around here.

When it comes to pizza, you can find the traditional types, like cheese and pepperoni, but also unique additions ranging from exotic fish to the weirdest looking plants (which I still question).


Ice cream is here and man is it creamy. The flavor and richness of ice cream is seen through the quality of the cream itself. What is common for locals is to go get some shaved ice cream after a long day of work. Shaved ice cream is different from the idea of Shaved Ice, the ice cream itself is shaved off in layers and forms a layered treat of whatever flavor the ice cream was, and is almost always paired with fresh local fruit.

There has been a lot of experimentations with food conducted by my tastebuds and sometimes I forget to take pictures of what I’m trying because of how captivated I am by the uniqueness of the food itself. I need to begin documenting everything properly so I have something to show.


I am still amazed at the food prices here. It is so unbelievably cheap to eat out that it is cheaper to do that rather than stay at home and cook your meals if you know where to look. You might be skeptical of the cheap food places but in reality Singapore has one of the strictest food codes in the world so you’re usually pretty safe when it comes to eating at cheap places, I have yet to come down with anything (don’t worry knocked on my wooden bed frame for that one).

The importance of the food culture here can be seen in the places and the people that visit them. Everyone eats out and can afford to which allows you to see who makes up the general population here in Singapore and allows you to really connect with the locals through food. I have slowly been working my way out of my apartment area in terms of food locations and look to try some new areas this weekend so watch my Instagram feed if you are following that so you can get a visual taste of what I am eating.