It’s true – Australia has a relatively high cost of living. Don’t let that fact put you off studying abroad in the Land Down Under however! There are plenty of ways to manage and even lower your study abroad costs in Australia, from carefully choosing your housing to even selecting a program with lowered tuition rates.

We’ve been offering study abroad programs in Australia for more than two decades and over the years have created a wide range of programs, locations and housing options to suit different budgets. Read on to see how you can choose an affordable Australia study abroad program.

Consider the Location

A big thing to take into account when choosing your Australia study abroad program is the location. The cost of living can vary greatly from city to city and, just like in the United States, the cost of living in a larger city like Sydney or Melbourne will be higher than a smaller town. You’ll find living costs will be less expensive in places like Townsville and Newcastle, so if you want to save some cash you may want to consider heading to a smaller city.

Townsville is a great pick for a more affordable study abroad location in Australia.
View over a Townsville – a great pick for a more affordable location in Australia

Shorten the Program Length

A full semester in Australia may not be feasible for all students, however TEAN offers a variety of programs that run for varying lengths of time. For example, students can participate in an 8-week Summer internship in Australia or a 3-week summer study abroad program like Australian Environment, Wildlife and Conservation, Sports and Exercise Psychology or Contemporary Issues in Public Health. Choosing a shorter program is one way to cut down the cost of housing and program fees, but still get the experience of studying and living in Australia.

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Compare Housing Options

Make sure to look at all housing options to see which will best fit your needs and budget.  Do the on-campus accommodations offer a meal plan? Will living on campus mean you don’t need to pay for daily public transportation? Opting for shared accommodations will also be less expensive.

For example, the University of Newcastle offers on-campus accommodations, which allow students to opt into a 16 meals per week meal plan and single room accommodations. Alternatively, the off-campus accommodations have a shared kitchen (meaning you could save some money cooking for yourself…or spend more by always going out to eat!) and require students to take public transportation to get the the university. It’s still easy to get to campus (and the beach!) but there is an added cost.

In Sydney TEAN offers a range of housing to suit various lifestyle preferences and budgets. Review our comparison of TEAN’s Sydney study abroad housing options.

TEAN offers various housing options in Australia to suit different budgets.
TEAN Off-Campus Beach Housing has a full kitchen and requires a commute to campus

Save Money on Tuition

There are some schools in Australia where you can take a reduced 3-course load (instead of four) and save money on your tuition costs. You will need to make sure you are approved by your home university to take three courses, but this can mean up to a couple thousand in savings at specific schools that offer the tuition break. We’ve written up an entire article on what schools offer the lowered tuition option.

Take three courses instead of four at some schools in Australia for a tuition saving.
Science and Engineering Building at QUT – you can take 3 courses for a tuition discount of up to $1,875

Regardless of where you study, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration to choose the right location for you including what courses are offered and how credits will transfer to your home university. Of course, money is a major factor too, but rest assured that with a little research and flexibility there are ways to lower the cost of studying abroad in Australia.

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