Where will you be this summer – stuck at home or out discovering the world? The time to start planning your summer studies (and travels!) is now.

TEAN offers four unique 3-week summer study abroad programs in Australia designed to immerse you in your chosen subject while also exploring the country by traveling to different destinations.

Even better, all students who apply early by February 3, 2020 and pay their program deposit will receive $400 off your program costs!

Ready to discover what’s going on Down Under? See which program is right for you:

Australian Environment, Wildlife & Conservation

Calling all nature lovers – this program introduces you to Australia’s environment and wildlife through the eyes of local experts contextualized within the global ecological crisis. During the course, you’ll travel to some of the most naturally stunning and ecologically important places in the country and have plenty of time studying out in the field. Learn more…

Surfing lessons during Australia summer programs
Learning to surf in Australia during the TEAN summer study abroad programs.

Contemporary Issues in Community & Public Health

Focusing on public health, this program moves through Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney and Cairns. The course is taught through morning lectures followed by field excursions with a particular emphasis on the differences in health indicators for indigenous and non-indigenous populations. Learn more…

Sports & Exercise Psychology

Specially designed for athletes, students focusing on health and exercise science studies, or those who simply love sports, this introductory course blends in-class lectures with diverse field trips. You’ll get to visit places like the Victorian Institute of Sport and Gold Coast Titans’ training facility while traveling through Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Cairns. You’ll also have the chance to train at a sport of your choice throughout your stay. Learn more…

Day on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
All four summer programs in Australia include a day at the Great Barrier Reef.  (The Marine Ecology program includes multiple days studying the reef.)

Australian Tropical Marine Ecology

This program is best suited for students interested in biology or ecology and looks at how various Australian landscapes survive and interact with different populations and wildlife. Highlighting environmental issues and conservation efforts, the program allows you to fully explore Australia’s unique marine ecology while traveling to different islands located on the famous Great Barrier Reef. Learn more…

Have more time?

Consider getting a full semester worth of credit by spending the entire summer at Bond University on the Gold Coast or ICMS in Sydney. Alternatively, you can also do an 8-week summer internship in Australia to gain international work experience. Our Internships Team will help place you at a personalized internship in the field of your choice…just contact us to get started!

Explore all TEAN Summer programs. Or ask any questions here.