Despite being a major city of over two million, Perth often gets overlooked as a potential travel or study abroad destination. Its unique location on the southwest coast of Australia sets the stage for paradise. With a warm, dry climate and consistent year round sunshine, Perth’s weather is only part of its allure! Here are 8 reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Perth:

1. Beautiful beaches

Perth and the surrounding suburbs are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. From popular “must-see” beaches, like Cottesloe and Scarborough, to more tucked away gems, like South Beach in the port-town of Fremantle, Perth’s coast has something for any sand and sun lover. For a real beach adventure, take a ferry out to Rottnest Island, 30 minutes off the coast, and spend a day snorkeling around various beaches across the island!

Cottesloe beach Perth
Cottesloe Beach, Perth. Photo by Nick Falzone, TEAN staff

2. Plenty of green spaces

Not only does Perth offer top quality beaches and reefs, you’re also just a short drive from lush green wine country in the Swan River Valley, featuring some of Australia’s most popular vineyards. Just outside the central business district is the enormous King’s Park – think Central Park in NYC – where you can walk and not even realize you’re in the middle of a major city. The park also boasts some of the best views of the city.

3. Top quality academics

Perth is home to several excellent universities. The University of Western Australia is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world and seventh in Australia by the QS World University Rankings. Murdoch University has one of the best veterinary schools in the country, along with great programs in computer science and environmental studies. For excellent courses in education or humanities, the University of Notre Dame is perfect, offering small class sizes and individualized support.

University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia | Photo by Nick Falzone, TEAN staff

4. Internship and research opportunities

Two of TEAN’s most unique and experiential learning-based programs are in Perth. For students studying health sciences, we have an internship and study abroad program at UWA and an internship and research-based program at Murdoch. If those disciplines don’t suit you, apply to TEAN’s general Australia internship program! We’ve placed hundreds of students in dozens of fields over the years, and our reach keeps expanding!

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5. Amazing food

As a result of Perth’s close proximity to Asia, the range of food here is spectacular, diverse and authentic. Perth’s hip Northbridge neighborhood is home to dozens of Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese eateries and food plazas. You can start your day with some incredible dim sum, recharge with spicy Singaporean laksa for lunch, and end with classic ‘chicken parmy’ (the Australian spin on chicken parmesan with fries instead of pasta!) for dinner.   

6. Abundance of public art

You would have a hard time walking more than a couple blocks anywhere in Perth or Fremantle without seeing stunning, high-quality street art. Murals, stencils and graffiti art is literally everywhere, including throughout downtown. There are several free museums, most notably the Art Gallery of Western Australia, containing floors of work from Australia born or based artists. To top it off, Perth is host to one of the country’s most exciting film and art festivals, the Fringe Festival, which lasts for a month starting in late January.

Street art in Perth, Western Australia
Street art in Perth | Photo by Nick Falzone, TEAN staff

7. Access to Southeast Asia8. 

For the international traveler, Perth’s location is ideal. There are dozens of affordable direct flights from Perth to Southeast Asia. Interested in a weekend getaway to Bali? You can usually get there for as little as $200 in just about four hours! It’s truly the major Australian gateway to Southeast Asia.

8. Path less traveled

There’s nothing wrong with visiting Australia’s most frequented tourist destinations – they’re popular for a reason! However, if you’re looking for the path less traveled, then Perth’s calling your name. Perth offers all of the aspects of the east coast with even more beauty and excitement minus the crowds!

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