While the name of the university suggests it may only have business courses, Singapore Management University (SMU) actually offers courses across a variety of disciplines. If you are interested in spending a semester or summer studying abroad in Singapore but aren’t a business major, check out some of the other areas of study and student clubs available.

Students studying in the SMU Labs – a great space on-campus for different types of group work and collaboration on projects

Study Accounting in Singapore

According to QS World Subject rankings, SMU is ranked in the Top 100 in the world for both accounting and finance. Brigham Young University also just ranked SMU’s School of Accountancy first in Asia. With these top tier rankings, study abroad students have the opportunity to take advantage of these prestigious courses during their time at SMU. Each semester, students have the opportunity to choose from a list of core and specialized courses that can fulfill major and minor requirements while abroad. Students also have the opportunity to get involved with the SMU Accounting Society during their time in Singapore by contacting accsoc@sa.smu.edu.sg (note that membership fees may apply). For more information check out SMU’s website.

Study Political Science in Singapore

Poli Sci students can choose from a number of courses that typically fulfill major requirements along with unique offerings that are focused on issues affecting Asia, such as Politics of Water in Asia, and Politics of Japan and Korea Study abroad students also have the opportunity to join the SMU Social Sciences society by contacting ss_soc@sa.smu.edu.sg. Another way to get involved in a student club would be to join SMU Apolitical by contacting apolitical@sa.smu.edu.sg. Learn more about other student clubs on SMU’s Website.

Study Information Systems in Singapore

Computer Science and Information Technology students have access to a lot of courses to choose from within the Information Systems, Information Systems Financial Services, and Information Systems Service Sector departments. There’s also a Information Systems Students Society that students can join by contacting issociety@sa.smu.edu.sg.

Study Psychology in Singapore

Within the College of Social Sciences, the Psychology department offers a variety of courses ranging from introductory classes to more advanced courses for Psychology majors such as Psychology of Group Processes and Decision Making, Psychology of Emotion, and Evolutionary Psychology. Interested in getting involved with other students in the College of Social Sciences? Consider joining the SMU Social Sciences Society by contacting ss_soc@sa.smu.edu.sg.

Study Asian Studies in Singapore

Not only are there a lot of Asian-focused courses offered at SMU, but study abroad students have the opportunity to earn an Asian Studies Certificate by taking three courses with an Asian focus. There are some great options to choose from that cover a variety of subject areas, including Innovations in Smart Cities, Singapore: Imagining the Next Fifty Years, Popular Culture in Asia and Exploring Asian Identities. Since there are a range of courses, the Asian Studies Certificate isn’t designed for any particular major.

Still have questions about what you can study at SMU? Take a look at all available areas of study here or contact a TEAN Program Manager by completing this form.