Newcastle, Australia has some incredible – and Instagram-worthy – food options. After studying abroad there for the semester these were my top five favorite places to eat or grab a snack. (I’ve also included links so you can follow them on Instagram for mouthwatering photos and menu updates!)


This is where you will find the MOST DELICIOUS doughnuts. Every week Doughheads offers new flavors, and not just ordinary doughnut flavors. Flavors range from Berry Pistachio to Cookie Dough – yes, a cookie dough doughnut exists. Not only do the doughnuts taste incredible but they look incredible as well. Whether you’re wanting breakfast or dessert, Doughheads is the place to go and definitely worth the money and (and calories!).  IG: @doughheadsnewy

Dougheads doughnuts in Newcastle, Australia

The Depot

The Depot has two locations in Newcastle, one on Beaumont Street and one on Darby Street. “Freak Shakes” are a trendy treat right now and if you are looking for a place to go with a wild assortment of these creative milkshakes, The Depot is the spot. The shakes are so big they are a meal in themselves, I had to split one and was still full. They are the most extravagant milkshakes you will ever enjoy. Some have churros in them while others have brownies or even cotton candy. Again, worth the calories. These shakes are a must-try while in Newy.  IG: @thedepots

Freak shakes at The Depot in Newcastle, Australia

Papa’s Bagel Bar

I love bagels. One of the hardest things about studying abroad in Australia for me was that bagels aren’t really a thing there and hard to find. I searched high and low for a good bagel and finally found Papa’s Bagel Bar right in Newcastle. Not only do they offer common bagels but specialty ones as well. Make sure you get there when it opens so that you can find a place to sit and choose from the whole list of flavors before they run out.  IG: @papas_bagel_bar

You can find bagels in Newcastle, Australia at Papa's Bagel Bar

Blue Door

With two locations, one on the beach and one downtown, Blue Door is what I consider to be a “healthy living” restaurant. Each item on the menu is carefully crafted to be tasty, yet healthy and hearty. They have amazing food and also make a very good dirty chai, a drink that became my favorite while abroad. Blue Door is a great option if you are at the beach and need a quick, nutritious snacks. IG: @bluedoornewcastle

Blue Door in Newcastle, Australia is great for healthy and delicious food


There are kebab shops everywhere in Australia offering satisfying wraps that are good any time of day, whether you are on campus and want a quick lunch or are out at night and craving a late snack on your way home. Cappadocia became a place I frequented quite often. A healthier option than snacking on pizza and 10x tastier. Make sure to get an order of fries with chicken salt – you won’t regret it!

Sarah Davis is a TEAN Alum and student at University of New Hampshire. She studied abroad with TEAN in Newcastle, Australia.