Studying abroad in Seoul? Get ready for some of the best food of your life! There are so many different dishes to test out but these ten tasty treats are definitely must-tries!

Korean BBQ (obviously!)

Korean BBQ is an absolute must. You order the meat you wish to have at the table and they bring it. Then you get to grill your own meat with a grill that’s built into the table! It’s a really fun and delicious way to dine and it’s great whether your a group of two or even 14 people.


Although it looks strange, jjajangmyun is a very popular dish that’s both sweet and savory consisting of noodles topped with a thick gravy made of sweet bean sauce, diced pork and vegetables. It can also be delivered to the KU dorms, making it an easy meal!

Convenience Store Food

Want ramen? Got it. Want sushi? Got it. From chips to complete meals with sides, you can find anything in a convenience store and for very cheap. These convenience stores don’t just have food but also socks, umbrellas, toilet paper, notebooks…and anything else you might need.

Photo by TEAN Alum, Justin Nolan


You’ve probably heard of shaved ice but have you ever heard of shaved ice with cut fruit and condensed milk? With tons of different variations – flavors include different fruit flaors, green tea, tiramisu and the original read bean paste – this cold treat hits the spot and can be very filling for just two people. It’s better to share bingsu with three or four people.

Waffle Ice cream

Whether for desserts or simply a snack, ice cream in a freshly made waffle is always delicious to eat. The waffles are warm and crunchy, filled with a bunch of different ice cream flavors, like cinnamon, banana and apple. The VERY Waffle is very close to the Korea University campus if you’re looking for a sweet treat!

Photo by TEAN Alum, Justin Nolan

Ice cream Fish Bread

A-boong takes the fish-shaped dessert bread (famous in Japan and Korea) to a completely new level. Their open-jawed fish is stuffed with ice cream, red beans, chocolate sauce, and even fruit on a skewer. This popular snack with a fun twist can be found near Ewha University or Hongdae.


Ddeokbokki is a common Korean food made of stir-fried cylinder rice cakes typically covered in gochujang (chili paste). You can find this almost anywhere and there are different variations, including non-spicy sauces.

Chicken and Beer

Chicken and beer, or chimaek, is very popular in Korea. You can find it almost anywhere, including several places near Korea University and Anam Station. It’s a fairly cheap dinner and is very filling. Sweet, savory, spicy, tangy – you can find any flavor of fried chicken. This is a great meal to enjoy with friends after a long day!


Dakgalbi is stir-fried chicken covered in a gochujang-based sauce with sweet potatoes, cabbage, perilla leaves, scallions, tteok (rice cakes) and other things. Many times you can get it topped with cheese, making it a super savory meal. This is a dish best suited for multiple people because it can be very large and filling.


Bibimbap means mixed rice and the dish is rice topped with sautéed veggies, gochujang, meat and egg. This dish is mixed right before eating and is absolutely delicious. TEAN, as well as Korea University, had a cooking lesson where we got to make our own bibimbap. The colors of the ingredients are also symbolic, putting another interesting twist on this meal.

Have you tried any of these Korean foods before? Get ready to during your time abroad!

Brianne Messer is a TEAN Alum and student at Drake University. She studied abroad with TEAN on the Summer in Seoul program. Ask us about studying abroad in Korea for a semestersummer or winter program.