1. Your Arrival

Yes, you are probably tired. Yes, you have probably spent the last 20+ hours traveling, but trust me! One of your biggest regrets will be not capturing that moment taking place right outside your window when the captain calls for the final descent into the new city you will be calling home. Who knows, perhaps you will be as lucky as me and catch a rainbow 30,000 feet up!

2. The First Time You See A Major Landmark

It doesn’t matter if you are a mile away or practically on top of it. This is the moment when you will realize that you finally made it. You are in an amazing, new country, and it is time for your adventure to begin! Plus, this way Mom and Dad will know that you made it safe and sound.

Did you even go to Sydney if you didn’t take 300 pictures of the opera house #teanabroad

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3. Taking Part In Local Culture

Whether you are watching a local sports team or taking part in a cultural ceremony, these are the parts of studying abroad that really help you to feel like part of the community. Take advantage of every opportunity to immerse yourself in what your new home has to offer. Maybe you will even meet and befriend some of locals while out and about.

i bought a surfboard today#teanabroad

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4. The Little Things

Find time to stop and smell (or snap) the roses. Maybe you pass a cute, little café every day on your way to class, or perhaps you got lost one day running errands and stumbled across one of your city’s hidden treasures. These unique little scenes are what set your trip apart from others; so make sure to share them with your friends and family back home!

5. Explorations And New Experiences

You are in a new country. Get out and experience everything it has to offer. Make sure to find activities that you couldn’t or would have never thought to do at home. Go skydiving, swim with sharks, do an overnight hike through a rainforest, etc. Just make sure to wait until you have survived to tell your mom about it.

6. Catching Sunrise Or Sunset From A New Place

No matter where you are, sunrises/sets are always going to get you the likes. Find a morning or evening where you and a few of your friends are free to make a small trip to one of your city’s scenic locales to snap a few pics of the start (or end) of an amazing day!

7. Food

It’s time to let your inner foodie out! When abroad, you are going to have the opportunity to try new and amazing foods. If you are anything like me, you will literally be stopping at every dessert bar you see to have a little taste. Make sure to take a picture of the truly amazing ones, so you can show all your friends and family back home what they are missing out on!

I’m allergic to milk. This was worth it. #TEANabroad

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8. Any And All Adventures With Friends

During your time abroad, you are going to make friendships that will, hopefully, last a lifetime. These are the only people who will truly know what it was like during your time abroad, and those are memories you will want to have forever! Also make sure to befriend some locals because when you come back to visit you are going to need a couch to crash on!

9. A Shot Of You Looking Thoughtful On A Cliff

Lets be honest, can you even say that you studied abroad if you didn’t get a picture of yourself contemplating the world in a beautiful and scenic place? Make sure to find some time to grab a friend (aka your photographer) and check out a cool place to snap some pics! #instagoals

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 😜 #australia #studyabroad #teanabroad

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10. Your Final Day

Your final week abroad will be filled with a plethora of emotion. From excitement to seeing family and friends to sadness that your trip is coming to a close, this week is going to be draining, so make sure to find some time to relax and enjoy the city you have been so lucky to call home. Whether it is going to your favorite restaurant, visiting your favorite tourist site, or taking a run around the city, find time to do it and really immerse yourself in the city before it is time to say goodbye.

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Kate Den Houter is a TEAN Alum and student at Michigan State University. She interned abroad with TEAN in Sydney, Australia.