This page provides instructions for booking your flight to Australia for Spring 2020. Please start by reading the flight information, and then select your specific program intake for more detailed itinerary information.



We recommend booking your flights through our partner travel agency, Flight Centre. They offer competitive airfares to Australia and New Zealand from major cities throughout the U.S. and can provide you the personal service needed to arrange your international travel. There is a $30 USD service fee to book through Flight Centre. To contact a representative at Flight Centre, please email or We strongly suggest email contact first as they will be able to better manage the flood of inquiries from the group; however, you can also call if you prefer discussing over the phone: 602-253-4743 (8:00am – 6:00pm MT)

You are not obligated to book through Flight Centre, however, and are free to shop around for a better fare. If you would like to compare airfares, please feel free to research flights online. We recommend flight search tools such as SkyScanner or Google Flights.

We will not be offering a group flight for this particular program for a variety of reasons. Students traveling to Australia or New Zealand will be departing from different locations within the U.S. and the specific departure location affects the overall cost of airfare. Additionally, the published fares for individual travel are currently significantly lower than the fares noted for group travel at this time.

Booking your Flights

STEP 1 – Review the arrival dates/times below to ensure you are familiar with the required travel times for your program.
STEP 2 – Determine if you are intending to travel independently prior to the program dates, as this will impact your travel dates from the U.S. and returning home.
STEP 3 – Research travel itineraries and costs through Flight Centre. To assist with your search, please be certain to refer to the section below on “Important Booking Notes”. Before purchasing your tickets, feel free to contact us or send us your tentative itinerary so that we may ensure it is correct and the best routing for your situation.
STEP 4 – Book your flights and upload your flight itinerary to your TEAN application.

Important booking notes

Airfare costs can vary greatly from one departure city to another. If you live close to more than one airport, we encourage you to research flight options through each one. You may find that by driving to a slightly farther departure city/airport, you may save several hundred dollars in airfare costs.

We recommend that you book all of your flights as one round trip flight. For example, if your home airport is JFK and you are interning in Sydney, we recommend your round trip flight look as follows: JFK > Cairns > Sydney and then return Sydney > JFK. Any travel agent can help you with these arrangements and most airlines will permit you to book a multi-city flight.

The estimated cost for all international flights ranges from approximately $1,500 – $2,500. This is due in large part to the departure locations from within the U.S. and if you need a connecting flight as well as the return travel dates.

Baggage Allowance

  • Each airline has different baggage allowances so it is imperative that you check with your airline for your luggage allowance and be aware of potential “excess baggage” charges.
  • Adding your domestic connections to your international ticket helps ensure that you will have your international luggage allowance for all of your flights.
  • Adding extra bags to your flights can be very expensive so it’s best to limit what you pack. We will be providing a suggested packing list and tips for packing list prior to your departure.

Arrival in Australia

Arrival in Australia

  • Your flight must arrive in Cairns, Australia by 4:00 PM on the start date of your orientation in order to be eligible for an airport transfer.
  • If you opt to arrive later than 4:00 PM on your arrival date, you will be responsible for making your own way to the orientation accommodation and may risk missing out on the TEAN Information Session and Welcome Dinner.

Flying from Cairns to your Host City

  • You will need to depart Cairns between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on the orientation departure date so that you arrive in your host city in time to check into your housing. If you opt to book a flight outside of this window of time, you may be responsible for making your own way to the Cairns airport. Uber is available in Cairns.
  • Please do NOT book a flight with a connection as that will delay your arrival into your host city and you will risk missing our airport transportation.

Flight Itinerary

Flight Itinerary

Feb 10: Depart USA
Feb 12: Arrive Cairns
Feb 16: Cairns > Host City
May 24: Depart host city, flight to your home airport

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

How to Offset your Carbon Footprint

Team up with TEAN to reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from air travel!

What is carbon offsetting?
Carbon offsetting is the action or process of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions produced from industrial or other human activity by participating in activities or programs designed to reduce the equivalent amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

How do I calculate my carbon emissions?
Visit the free Carbon Footprint calculator page to access a user-friendly calculator that will guide you through the quick process of calculating your carbon.  We encourage you to utilize the emissions calculator to estimate how much carbon is entering the atmosphere from your flight overseas. Through TEAN activities or utilizing companies that Carbon Footprint Ltd is associated with, you will have plenty of ample opportunities to offset your carbon throughout your semester abroad and better understand the many ways in which you can make a positive environmental impact.  The Choose Earth Team at TEAN is always happy to assist you with your calculations, so please don’t hesitate to ask us for help!

What can I do to offset my carbon emissions?
TEAN will suggest plenty of opportunities to Choose Earth while you are abroad that will help offset your carbon emissions from your international flight. Following their helpful tips and offsetting your flight is the best way to start reducing your overall carbon footprint while abroad.

If you would like to do more – and we hope that you do! We encourage you to donate the monetary amount estimated by the calculator through Carbon Footprint Ltd.'s partnerships with multiple certified eco-friendly companies. That way, you can directly contribute to programs that help offset the carbon emitted from your flights, helping to make a global impact. Contributions from climate conscious consumers assist in developing projects that promote clean technology. The beauty of this particular program is that you can choose from a variety of charitable causes that are personal to you, as opposed to a single monetary donation to an airline where you may not beg sure if your money is going exactly where you intend it to. Through Carbon Footprint Ltd, you have the power to choose when and how your carbon emissions are offset.